wtorek, 22 grudnia 2020

Boże Narodzenie 2020


                                           Życzą Ryś i Gabryś z rodzicami

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  1. Dobry wieczór,

    Here are many thoughts from France. I send you a little power from here. You have many bravery. You seem to have a great family with joys and pains, but with enough love to climb every mountains.

    Powodzenia ! Be happy and stay strong the Nawrat family!

    (Maybe a bad translation but I try :)
    Wesołych świąt Ryś i Gabryś! Wesołych świąt dla rodziców!

    Do zobaczenia!

    PS: Commendation for the new year: Put a picture with ALL the family! The mother and the three children... :-D :-D :-D